Boosting Innovations & Sustainability in Africa's dairy & drinks industry

The dairy and beverage industries in Africa are on a transformational, critical time of development.

The sectors have some of the most promising growth opportunities in the Continent, as a younger, more economically empowered and urbanised population continues to push the boundary on the possibilities of dairy and beverage products in the region.

The sectors offer one of the best opportunities for economic, nutritional and social transformation in the Continent, which has relied substantially on imported dairy products, save for a few countries – and where the demand for locally produced beverage products is on the rise.

The pace of transformation of Africa’s dairy and beverage industry is set to increase substantially over the next 25 years, as the Continent’s population is expected to double to 2.5 billion by 2050, or 25% of the total population of the World, from the current 16%.

Rising incomes, rapid urbanisation and consumers that are increasingly taking up new food and beverage choices means that the opportunity in the dairying beverage industry in Africa is set to rise rapidly.

Tanzania, where the first edition of this ground-breaking Summit & Expo is set to be hosted, has one of the best growth potential in the dairy and beverage industry in Africa.

In Tanzania’s beverages sector, according to Statista, revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.35%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$60.63m by 2027.

In the dairy sector, revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 22.15%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$7.2 million by 2027.

Innovation & Sustainability are key issues

Embracing and enhancing innovation and sustainability are two of key thematic issues in the dairy and beverage sectors in Africa. 

On innovations, the industry stakeholders are seeking ways to fast-track new products innovations that are affordable, nutritious and convenient, to meet the needs of the population. Changing consumer preferences also mean that processors have to innovate for consumers who are exposed to new food concepts from across Africa and globally.

On the sustainability front, the sectors face two main challenges – to boost local sourcing of milk and other commodities within Africa and to increase local manufacturing of dairy and beverage products to reduce reliance on imported products.

The sectors also face the urgent need to adopt sustainability initiatives that reduce impacts on the environment and the communities in which they operate in Africa.

Join us at the Africa Dairy & Drink Summit & Expo in Tanzania in 2023, as we delve deep into the opportunities and market trends that your business should tap into to grow its business in Tanzania and Africa’s dairy and beverage industries.


  • Consumer and market trends in the dairy and drinks industry in Africa and across the World
  • Investments opportunities and trends in the dairy and drinks industry in Africa
  • Sustainable local milk production, sourcing, handling and quality management
  • Efficient and sustainable processing, packaging and automation technologies
  • New products innovation and management
  • Sustainable utilisation of water, energy, waste and packaging
  • Cost reduction, ingredients applications and formulations management
  • Brand development and management and go-to-market strategies


  • Managing Directors, General Managers & other C-Suite Managers
  • Production/Plant/Dairy Directors Managers and Supervisors
  • QA/R&D/Food Safety Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Engineering Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Manufacturing Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Sustainability Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Packaging Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Procurement Directors, Managers & Supervisors
  • Investment & Portfolio Managers, Bankers and more
  • Government Ministers, and NGO managers
  • Supply Chain Directors, Managers
  • Owners and Managers of companies that supply various technologies to the dairy and beverage industry in Africa – including equipment, packaging, ingredients, supply chain solutions, etc.


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